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Matt Wood

Passionate. Committed. Open. Compassionate. Honest. Loyal. Focused. Accountable. Consistent

These are the attributes that best describe how I live each day as a father to 2 beautiful boys, an incredible partner (also a Master Coach) whom I cherish more than words may describe, and a practice serving others which I absolutely adore.

I know you know it has been a long road getting here and we are thankful for this awareness. It need not be a long road for you and that is why you are here, reading this, now, wanting to know more so you too can release those mental, emotional, physical pains that have somewhat held you back from where you thought you would be, from the life you thought you would have, perhaps the people you thought would surround you.

Why is this important to me and for you to know ?

What we recognise is that when we feel Valued. When we feel Secure. When we feel stable; we can handle almost anything. Our awareness grows and strengthens beyond the bounds of consciousness and introduce a level of energy we never realised we held before. You will experience this now I'm see and feel it, in those moments when you feel like you have nothing left, and yet energy continues, the heart finds interest, focus, a purpose.

When someone steps forward to invest in themselves, they are investing more than simple trust in my expertise, awareness, behavioural skills and ability to access parts of the individual they weren't able to themselves or through in many cases, other professionals.

My Journey​ :

My evolution into this incredibly fortunate role as a Master NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, Business Mentor and Behavioural Profiler began from extremely humble beginnings. Born and raised in New Zealand, average academically I struggled to 'fit in', to be accepted, I experienced abandonment, fear, loss, grief, anxiety, anguish. What I had was endless energy, love, compassion, commitment, consideration, curiosity and courage. I didn't know the word Empath, nor what that truly meant, however I 'felt' people in how they were internally. I could 'see' their truth. This only brought both confusion, disassociation, semi-isolation and more realisation that love lay at the core to everything. It didn't matter how I tried to avoid or deny this, the truth remained as it always does: reality.

Abandonment, amongst other trauma's is a grief that is reluctant to leave and feeds into distrust, fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs and so much more. If we allow it, it impacts every corner of our being, work, relationships, finances, family - trust... Finding your way back to a heartspace, Values, Foundations, Love, Life, Laughter, Liberty (as the French say haha) is a path worth tredding, for the gratitude we see in everything, is everywhere.

Instead of challenge, instead of fear; we see gratitude.

"Thank you for showing me what I do not want, so I may focus on what I do"

Instead of arguments, reactions, distrust, anger - we choose what we do with the information.

"Circumstances do not make a person, they reveal them"

The Outcome :

What we learn is this:

Every negative action and behaviour begins with 'D'

Distort, Deflect, Deny, Delete, Deter

Every positive action and behaviour begins with 'C'

Compassion, Consideration, Communication, Cooperation, Congruency, Courage, Consistency

What matters most in any given situation, is what we do with the information.

This reflects how we respond versus react. How we observe, measure and amend. How we choose based on the example we wish to be, how we wish to be remembered and the legacy we wish to leave.

Beneath everything we are now versus then, we decide Who we wish to Be. We decide what matters most.

Look in the mirror now, look into your eyes, speak to the person in you and say

"You matter"

Where shall we start ?

How would you like it to be...

Newcastle Australia

Ready to take back control of your life and reclaim your Value ?

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Design your Life as you Choose it to Be

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