Matt Wood

Passionate. Committed. Honest. Loyal. Focused. Accountable. Consistent

These are the attributes that best describe how I live each day as a father of 2 beautiful boys (9 & 10 years), a partner to the the love of my life, and a business growth expert to my clients.

Why is this important to me and for you to know ?

Mostly because when someone invests in me, I invest completely with all my resources in them. I know and have seen the returns clients receive from my services, however it is much more than that. The returns are not just financial, rather emotional and mental, physical even. My clients see and feel an enormous relief and joy achieving more time to spend with those they love and cherish. More time for themselves, more time to build their business from within, more time to identify new opportunities and expand or simply sell and take on a new adventure. Most importantly more time comes from having more capital, more revenue, simply more...

Before becoming a Life Coach, Business Mentor, NLP Practitioner and Project Manager, I lived across the World and spent 23 years in travel & tourism industry working at grass roots with business owners leveraging tiny margins and yields to maximise their returns and staff engagement. Before that I took tours across Europe, New Zealand and the Northern Territory.

Listening and understanding precisely what time actually means at home and in a relationship, what this actually provides an owner, has always been a cherished experience and expertise.

Many owners crave the ultimate or 'ideal' business and work incredibly hard putting more hours in every day in order to achieve this. I help hem achieve their ideal by truly cementing how important this is to them and then identifying precisely where they can source immediate returns before taking the business to the next level and beyond.

We operate off a 3 - 5 year plan and half the time in which it is achieved. That alone, means the world of difference to hours worked, the weekends, holidays and additional time they get to enjoy with those who matter most. Often, it simply comes down to being able to draw together a team who actually step up and are motivated to own more, to run the business like their own and eventually to own it outright or open a new location under the same brand.

Why wait when the answers for how to achieve this already exist ?

If we want our business to grow, we need the right attitude and a strategy. We need clarity.

When we treat our business like our relationship, with clarity and certainty; with commitment and consistency, then we are in a position to better understand the needs and wants of the team, the customers, the business, the future in a much more productive and peaceful frame of mind.

We design our business to match the life we crave. We begin living our 'ideal life' through our 'ideal business'

Newcastle Australia

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