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“My mission is to help people remove the stress and maximise their business so they may truly enjoy their life financially, physically and emotionally. We help them live a life of abundance and in doing so be the example they wish to be remembered for”


1. Mentally: We develop your mindset

2. Physically: We support your ultimate health & vitality - aligned to a global health & wellness organisation

3. Financially: We optimise your revenue, time & opportunity to exceed your ideal business


12 Week Build Your Business Brand program

16 Week 'Health & Wealth' Transformation program

12 Month Platinum 'Your Ideal Business' program

Matt Wood Coaching revamps your business, rebuilding your business' vision, how it is marketedhow you engage in the workplace and with customers and where potential hidden revenue is located right now. We provide a holistic approach to Coaching focused on your current health, mindset and financial position and lead you to your ultimate goals for each of these areas.

You are not alone.

What we know is that when the owners health and mindset are aligned to their values and goals, then their business transforms completely.

Most importantly - we do this with Absolute Intentionality - the Outcome matters significantly, we are as committed to our clients as our clients are to themselves.


What I have learnt across many years working alongside and for business owners is that behind every business desire, more lies underneath the surface


There are health issues related to alcohol, nutrition, medication

There are mindset issues related to language, reactions, triggers

There are financial issues related to promotion, people and margins


All of these generate huge amounts of stress

The result being missed opportunities, greater obstacles & poorer health


Imagine a life without business stress, personal stress, physical stress

Imagine holistic wellbeing (financial, physical, spiritual) without needing to go down multiple avenues, trying multiple experts and needing to manage more time to meet their direction.


Matt Wood Coaching identifies, optimises & alleviates the underlying stress & provides the space and opportunity for an ideal life aligned to your goals in each of these areas.


A life without business stress, personal stress, physical stress is a life worth pursuing

Especially Now....

Walk on the Beach

Ready to take back control of your business and reclaim your vision?

Book a 100% free discovery call with Matt Wood to identify what is blocking you from realising your vision (which isn’t working 70 hours a week)

Book A Call.

No Time. No Staff. Rising Costs. New Standards to meet...

No one said being a business owner was easy but with all the obstacles in the way, it can be hard to keep hold of your vision and remember why you took the leap of faith, why you took the bull by the horns and decided to be the master of your own destiny.

But most days it’s “The Same S**** Different Day"

You crave providing more to your local community, your home, partner, children and family and having time for yourself. You love servicing your customers and you have a vision to broaden your services to more specialised markets, but some weeks it would just be nice to have a bit space so you can spend time with the family and pursue other passion projects because you know there is a world outside your business and you just don’t know how to get there.


When there isn't enough Money - it is a Margins issue

When there isn't enough Sales - it is a Promotions issue

When there isn't enough Time - it is a People issue

Identifying the issue isn't difficult, that's why we help you recognise this immediately in our free 45 minute consult. From there, we pave the way forward.

Newcastle Australia

Ditch The Groundhog Day Feels & Discover What Barrier is REALLY Holding YOU and Your Business Back! 

Download our free mini quiz and discover where the biggest barriers are in your business - Products, promotion, people or profit. The answer is likely not what you think

Introducing Matt Wood - The Life Coach & Business Architect


It has always been my passionate belief, that every person should be successful in their business while living their most healthy, joyful and fulfilling life to their greatest potential.


From my early days running businesses with low margins, high expectations and high demands and limited knowledge on how to maximise brand, products, services, vision and revenue up until now; I have seen again and again the toll success and stress has on business owners health, finances, resources and mental agility. Working hard to give everyone around them what they need to thrive often at the expense of themselves.

Success really is a double edged sword.

Over the years I have come to realise there are three key areas where businesses make or break in their pursuit of a fluid working environment.

Three areas which lead to poor health, poor finances, mass overwhelm and stress taken home.

  • Promotion 

  • People

  • Profit (Margins)


We tend to forget a business is simply a vehicle we use to get us to where we want to go. A business shouldn’t be the be all and end all in our lives. 


What happens when a business doesn’t have all their internal systems or components working in tandem, is like a wheel failing off a car and not having a spare or roadside rescue. We buy insurance for a reason...

Your new Insurance is Matt Wood Coaching. 

I am that guy, the person who comes along with a set of purpose-built tools and helps you put on a new tire so you can jump back in the car (your business) and get to where you want to go faster so you can enjoy the 'ride' all the more (health, wealth, happiness).

My mission is to help successful business owners rebuild their businesses to give them the space they need to create the future they want. I do this by working closing with business owners to:

  • Redesign their business plan to align with their vision and personal needs

  • Construct the systems and resources that are missing

  • Deliver results; and

  • Create growth opportunities for the business and the business owner.


If that sounds like something you need in your business and your life - then let’s get going and do this together!


“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”

- Les Brown

Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood

Ryan ran a carpentry business, his turnover was $350k, his take home $75k…ouch $26 per hour, he learnt he was paying his apprentices more because his work ethic and quality finishes were boosting his brand and sales, or so he thought…

The reality was, he was short on time. He was booked out 5 months in advance and was losing money on the forward projects because his target audience was not meeting the returns he needed and his team was taking up his time with questions and supervision.

Sound familiar?


Matt Wood Coaching started at the beginning with margins, then systems and leadership for his team who stepped up with incentives, we increased his sales and customer appreciation, amended the marketing and scaled his business so he could change his role within the business and other projects.


His returns were triple the cost of investment. A great return for his first year…


Margret ran a marketing business however she was attracting anyone who needed her services because she could handle anything.

Unfortunately she ran out of time to focus on those projects which provided the greatest returns even with offshore VA’s helping her and was paying herself too little for the quality work she was producing.


Matt Wood Coaching helped her realign with her vision, who she truly wanted to work with and why, what this would [provide her and her family at home as well as her own downtime which hadn’t experienced in over a 2 years….


The outcome was doubling her monthly returns allowing her to step back, train her VA’s more effectively and have more time for herself. Her next step will be to streamline her marketing to an online program with increased margins meaning greater returns per time allocated. Margret is in a good position moving into 2021.

Marketing Company
Blurry Window

Ready to take back control of your business and reclaim your vision?

Book a 100% free discovery call with Matt Wood to identify what is blocking you from realizing your vision (which isn’t working 70 hours a week)

Book A Call.
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