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"Great businesses are run by Great Leaders replacing themselves"

"Leadership is Influence. It is Intention. It is Attitude. Leadership is not a Position"

Matt Wood Coaching recognises what was once referred to as Management Training, now as Leadership Development requires sensitivity to perception. Identifying out own strengths and opportunities can be confronting and requires not only the professional ability to listen, learn, language (communicate) and then lead them ie: 'Show the Way Forward'

Implementing the profound expertise of International Authorities and years of experience, @mattwoodcoaching utilise DISC, MBTI, NLP-Meta Dynamics and the World-acclaimed John C Maxwell 'Ascension Model 'program exclusively for leadership development.

The Difference is Clear Identification of Attributes which Support or Detract from a Business' Success

  1. Functional v Dysfunctional Behaviours

  2. Beliefs and Opportunities

  3. Leadership Gears & Types

  4.  Accessible qualities to shift to the Next Level

We identified key questions for reflection, benchmarking and modelling positive leadership.

Leadership is the attitude which generates growth within a business.

It is humility with knowledge, compassion, communication, cooperation and consistency.

"Leadership is a skill that may be learnt. Attitude is key and this too may be taught when the desire is strong enough"


Look at your team members and how they respond, react or develop. Who are they replicating ?

Do they reflect positive or negative habits ?

What influence have you over this. Do they operate from fear and isolation or feeling valued and included ? 

How do you know: assumption or sincere feedback ?


Leadership is often assumed by holding a title, position, seniority, political standing or sometimes by convenience. 

As a leader, how far out of your own comfort zone are you prepared to go to grow yourself and grow others; what impact will this ultimately have on your organisation ?

When as a leader, we operate with the end in mind ie: replacing ourself, then our focus quickly ascertains whether we are working to look after ourselves or look after the business we were employed to develop.


“To be successful is to be helpful, caring & constructive. To make everything & everyone a little bit better. The best thing you have to give, is yourself. If you want to be successful as a leader, you need to make others better, help them to remove self imposed limitations and help them to reach their potential” : Norman Vincent Peale

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