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15 Qualities you Absolutely Need in your Team !

“You cannot build a great team without great players - Grow the players you have or recruit better players”

“To improve the team, improve the individuals in the team”

“You can only teach what you consistently model: it takes one to show one, know one and grow one”

Recruiting internally or externally can be one of the most costly avenues a business faces and whilst there are proven methods for gauging this to 'ease the pain' (see eDISC and Four Archetypes in the Workplace); identifying the individual can make or break an existing team.

Team cohesion is more important than business owners and chief management often give it credit for and equally is a common oversight. The winners in this case being those individuals who present themselves as the victor, point the finger or speak behind backs to create victims and manipulate politics, seniority and longevity to protect their own misgivings.

So is it worthwhile placing some interest and application into the below qualities ? Absolutely !!

Qualities may be taught, may be benchmarked, may be modelled.

Qualities are gifts in disguise. They generate productivity as an outcome not a pure focus.

15 Incredible Qualities of Great Team Members include:

1. Adaptability: “If you won’t change for the team, the team may change you”

Be flexible. Individuals who succeed are masters of change. From a business perspective, adaptable people are:

- teachable

- emotionally secure (not threatened by others success or opinions)

- creative (creative people ask how not why

- they find a way to move forward when times are difficult or opposed)

- service minded

2. Collaboration: “working with others leveraging individual skills for change willingly & in synergy”

Collaboration requires: - Perception. see yourself as a team not individual - Attitude: supportive not suspicious of others - Focus: concentrate on team not individual - Results: victory arises through leveraging everyone’s skills not one persons

3. Commitment: “there are no half-hearted champions”

This is typically only realised in times of difficulty, however it is important to know it does not depend on gifts or abilities. Rather it arises by choice not conditions and relies on personal self-values and the examples presented.

“Circumstances don’t make a person, they reveal them”

4. Communicative: “understanding individuals in your team pulls everyone together”

Communication assists: - Isolation: destroying understanding, compassion and consideration - Connection: connection encourages teamwork

Ensure you apply the 24hr Rule: don’t wait longer than 24hrs to resolve potential or existing issues. It also provides attention to potentially difficult relationships - Clarity: transparency enables clarity for all, documenting written communication is essential, clarity ensures teamwork and understanding.

5. Competence: “if you can’t, your team won’t” “implementation is simple, inspiration is difficult”

Competence means ‘complete’, it arrives from dedication, commitment to perfection, teamwork, positive work environment, attention to detail, consistent performance

6. Dependable:

Success in any business is a direct result of the individual and collection of individuals. It arises from committed, consistent, positive teamwork. Conversely failure arises from a lack of teamwork The reasons for success ?

- motivation

- sense of responsibility

- consideration

- communication

- contribution align personal priorities and team priorities

7. Discipline: “discipline is doing what you don’t want to do, so you can do what you want to”

”doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons”

Success results from: disciplined thinking, emotions, actions

8. Empowerment:

When we add value to a team we empower. Empowerment generates focus, forward momentum, reflection, accountability, productivity, results. collaboration. To be empowered people must:

- value colleagues

- relate & connect to colleague needs

- believe in others

- serve others empowering others which empowers yourself

9. Enthusiasm: ”heart is the source of energy to a team”

Enthusiasm generates productivity, responsibility, reinforces attitude. It is created by choice, contagion (time with enthusiastic people) and belief.

10. Intentional: “make every action count”

Intentionality requires working with purpose, in business as in life, this is a detailed proposal or goal plan (see DARE, GROW, TOTE plans). It also requires peripheral motivation and measured SICAT (Small Incremental Changes Across Time).

11. Mission Conscious:

Understanding direction enables Leaders to lead not hinder the team. Communication is key. Secrecy ruins any relationship inside or outside work. "They don't need to know" "It's above their pay grade" is self protection not consideration.

If you want an effective team, be the example. There shall always be aspects not immediately relevant, so speak of them without the detail.

Mission conscious people identify team accomplishments ahead of individual accomplishments, they perform whatever roles are necessary to achieve goals.

12. Preparation: (relies upon)

In all cases an effective business operation seeks mutual: respect, value add, shared experiences, trust, reciprocity, appreciation

- Assessment, determining direction - Alignment, team cohesion - Attitude, diligence, focus, consistency - Action “courage has greater ally than preparation, fear has no greater enemy”

- Relationships: relies on aligning with: convictions, passions, aptitude, connection, interest, sincerity, humility more solid the relationship, more cohesive the team.

13. Self Improvement: “To improve the team, improve yourself”

It is imperative to recognise where value lies, to operate from continuous learning, individual participation, financial reward & recognition, contemplation and ask “what am I learning today, I need to learn and apply tomorrow “

Change comes when people:

- hurt enough they have to

- learn enough they want to

- receive enough they’re able to

14. Selfless: “There is no I in Team”

Generosity not self focus builds a team. Avoiding team politics & posturing, displaying loyalty, valuing inter-dependence over independence builds a team. It can be struggle when we strive for perfection to be selfless, so promote others to your own superiors, family and friends. They who are promoted learnt their example from yourself (hopefully). That builds a team. Be solution oriented, ask questions and understand facts. Retain an open mind

15. Tenacious: “Every successful person finds great success lies beyond the point where they’re convinced their idea won’t work, tenacity creates success”

Desire and energy creates tenacity. Tenacity creates results.

When you give all you have, not more than you have, then you work with determination not destiny. Only when the task is completed not when tired, do you stop.

"To succeed, act with integrity, include others, add value, believe, trust, enjoy”

If you found a solution that required just a simple tweak, would it be worthwhile investigating

How would your Presence look like in 1 month, 6 months, 3 years with positive attitude and influence ?

What would that give you : at work, home, relationships

How would it shift your business productivity and purpose

I am always staggered by how the way forward is so much easier than we think

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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