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Developing Levels of TRUST in the Business Environment

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

“Leadership is a choice, not a position.” —Stephen Covey

People enter the workforce hopeful, resourceful, encouraged, creative and prepared. Somewhere along the line, without focus, this changes due to internal cultures, clicks, behaviours.

Needless to say, the outcome is detrimental to productivity, teamwork, growth, communication and forward momentum as well as those invested in the business' brand presence.

It is imperative we as individuals regardless of position, albeit hopefully because of position, focus on the below aspects to creating, acknowledging and building upon TRUST in the workplace and the exploration of both resourceful and unresourceful behaviours in people.

The TRUSTME meta model created by Sharon Pearson of The Coaching Institute, Melbourne.

It is based on spiral dynamics, exploration on the values of a group of people and is used to benchmark where your client is at in their thinking and identify the next step for them.

Trust: this individual is survival focused and automated in their responses.

They are not connected to others, they hold no shared values and are fear based. Individuals in this position are a threat and cause for cultural collapse and turnover. They are predominantly people-pleasers or are threatened by constructive challenges (disruptive leadership). Their fears have an enormous impact of the culture of the business and those seeking to add value, demonstrate resourcefulness, aptitude, significance and ambition.

Relatability: these people cherish others, they create connection, leverage position to add value, recognition, accountability and resourceful communication. There is no fear of a colleague presenting an idea not of their own. These people are to be encouraged as they seek belonging.

Uniqueness: this person identifies themselves as me-oriented.

They may be forceful, reckless, frustrated and seek significance through acknowledgement. Whilst enormously capable, often they shall be in rebellion stage, meaning they have tried to participate and have been ostracised. They are best suited for individual, accountable and significant roles where they have the freedom to get on with the job and not disturb others.

Structured: are individuals who cherish systems and may be challenged by changes.

These people rely on networking, respect, purpose and certainty. They may also demonstrate rigid behaviours and be cautious with change.

Tenacity: whilst single-minded, they have the potential to be resourceful given they seek growth, are optimistic, enormously conscientious and enjoy a challenge. They are incredibly self-accountable and appreciate being pushed to achieve.

Where ostracised for their optimism, they may lose hope, frustrated and less engaged. They have real potential as Leaders given they are motivated, status oriented (incentivised), love applying and sharing knowledge, are tenacious, innovative and appreciate variety.

Meaning: is an individual who identifies opportunity and growth and is community oriented.

They are ecological in their development, integrate well with others, have confidence, seek to add value and contribute to the growth of the team and the business' values, vision, mission and teamwork.

Evolution: is an individual who discovers, embraces and measures new opportunities.

They leverage and utilise knowledge, innovation, contribution, significance and all members of a team. Their only fear is ineffectiveness, not being utilised properly, being judged and ignored.

Identifying these people, presents an opportunity for more accountable roles and ties in to the levels of Leadership: Positional to People Development.

Assisting individuals in business & life is my speciality. I would be honoured to assist yours.

Send me a message and we may arrange a time.

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