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Accredited extended DISC profiling

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

“Behavioural profiling identifies the unconscious drivers and patterns that deal with emotional energies impacting a persons life in and out of the workplace” - Joe Pane

One of today's most common ailments in the home, in the office, between colleagues, family and partners is a reduced level of understanding, consideration, patience and an increase in assumption, the need to be right, reliance, opposition or reluctance to even try to be better.

I appreciate how this sounds, however truth is truth.

Coaching is one element which certainly assists, seeing your own profile results is another.

I have personally found it enormously empowering to see results, before delving deeper, if for nothing other than the ability to have a well-rounded conversation instead of waiting and wondering where the conversation will take me.

Ask yourself, in the workplace, irregardless of position; how important is cohesion, influence, teamwork, gratitude, peace of mind and passion to you. What about asking those same questions of the home ? It begs to question, how important is enjoyment and productivity really. We are here to serve someone, so we best ensure whether that is ourselves or another, we feel good and not obligated about that role.

Leadership by example over assumption.

Allow me to organise your behavioural profile, send and discuss a report and provide additional coaching. As mentioned; business, self, relationship or organisational development; all benefit enormously, actively and with elevated consideration.

You are Worth it.

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