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Asking the Right Question before a Difficult Conversation

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

When you as a Manager or Owner are faced with impending performance conversation with an employee;

1. How do you demonstrate positive Managerial skills in the workplace 2. How do your Staff respond. How do you develop your Staff ? 3. How would you like the workplace to be compared to how it actually is ?

Below are 9 methods to better engage in conversation. The most dominant being:

Practice the golden rule “Treat others the same as you wish others to treat you”

Likewise, it is imperative to:

1. Encourage your Team - do not limit who you encourage, all appreciate sincerity, value, acknowledgement and validation for their efforts 2. Demonstrate Balance Care and Compromise - find balance between all. Care illustrates consideration, collaboration, communication, consistency, compassion Identify the difference between attitudes: can and don’t know how or can’t and won’t and have tough conversations.

As a Manager or Owner, you need not have all the answers, obtaining your position or taking the courageous step into self-employment took time, education and experience.

The leading 9 focus points you need ask yourself pre-empting a difficult conversation include:

1. Have I invested enough time in the relationship to be straightforward ?

2. Do I value this person ?

3. Am I certain this is their issue and not mine ?

4. Am I certain I am not reacting and feeling threatened by the situation ?

5. Is the issue more important than the relationship itself ?

6. Does the conversation serve the interest of this person and not just Management ?

7. Am I willing to invest time and effort to help them grow ?

8. Am I willing to show them how to do something and not just say what is wrong ?

9. Am I willing to set clear expectations ?

Contact me now to grow even more. You are worth it. Your business is worth it.

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