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The Simplicity of a Business Plan

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

"Team-Work makes the Dream Work"

Many business operators are petrified of considering, reviewing or sharing a business or marketing plan within their organisation. Most commonly as they are fearful of acknowledging the under-performance of themselves, their team or the business' objectives. Afterall a busy day means a productive day right ? Wrong...

The purpose of these Plans act not only as a forward accountability plan for the forthcoming Financial Year in terms of allocating and measuring (benchmarking) on a quarterly basis; funds and expenses, but also to plan, measure and reward (or incentivise) staff for successes in the business’ productivity and profitability.

The basic overview includes outlining a clear, concise and relevant structure aligned with a goal and forward planning the business’ operations, expenses and potential returns through a system of identification, application, measurement, amendments and reflection.

Where the system works well at each benchmark, it is repeated, where not, it is amended.

A Small Business Ownership example focuses on aspects related to:

- Self (Owner plus Staff)

- Brand (Coaching v Training, Management v Leadership, Portfolio Accountability)

- Growth (Design and Growth models, Suppliers, Marketing)

- Momentum (Training, Opportunities)

- Legacy (Expansion, Sales, Additional opportunities)

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