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Creating a Growth Mindset

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

"You cannot get enough of what you don't want"

When it comes to a desire for more, we must ask ourselves many questions: "Why. For what Purpose"

A simple, generalised response is "because I need/ want for more"

Great; Why ? What will you do with this ? Who will you Benefit. How. For what Purpose ?

Everything we do leads us to something else and as we often learn, "we cannot get enough of what we don't want". In this instance, a desire for growth may actually be a limitation, an avoidance, an assumption or put more succinctly: greed without cause.

A growth mindset applies to all things; self development, business acumen, business positioning, relationship development including teamwork and financial development. All things acknowledged, this is personal development.

The most effective way I have found requires clarity, certainty and courage on foundations aka 'structure', aligned behaviours and actions to these foundations aka 'implementation', measurement, reflection, accountability and consistency.

It is never enough to simply assume to know or create a plan, one must be vigilant in having a path laid out for them, knowing how to identify this path, having someone available and sincere to assist them on their path and remaining humble and accountable throughout the course of the path.

This is my expertise.

The article below identify's how to be successful, create momentum, generate results and ultimately generate a desired, specific outcome.

1. Be Intentional: growth doesn’t just happen: create a plan.

If we aim to be successful, we serve ourselves best through modelling those already successful. We benchmark results, champion small wins and reflect on every step we take.

"If you focus on goals you may achieve goals but not growth. If you focus on growth you will grow and achieve goals" - John C Maxwell

2. Be Present: focus on passion, create traction.

When we operate from passion, we generate energy and a pursuit of excellence. We strive willingly, diligently, purposefully and energetically. Natural energy in anything always leads us to growth.

When we are motivated through self-accountability, tracking, communication and purpose, we attract others also seeking growth “who you are is who you attract”

Growth attracts Growing People. Commitment attracts Committed People. Passion attracts Passion

3. Be Reflective: if we want to change our lives, we need change how we think of ourselves. If we want to change how we think, we need change how to talk to ourselves.

Reflection requires a person to stop comparing themselves (or their business) to others. Comparison discourages growth, it shifts focus, creates angst, anxiety and can lead to blame and self-preservation which isolates others.

You need only compare yourself to yourself, act beyond limiting beliefs and add value to others, serving others, serves ones self.

Self-Reflection: by identifying who we are and forward projecting what we are heating, seeing, feeling, expressing and enjoying moves us forward into certainty, self-belief and realisation.

Realisation generates growth.

4. Identify your Niche: “to maximise growth and opportunity, design strategies”

Identifying goal strategy questions:

Can it be received personally. Can it be repeated easily. Can it be transferred strategically.

Use a systems approach: “if you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it, if you can’t understand it you can’t control it, if you can’t control it you can’t improve it, if you can’t improve it you’re lost”

“Systems allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably” - Michael Gerber

5. Sacrifice: review & evaluate weekly, monthly, annual calendar appointments, activities & commitments. Consider what you could do more of, less of, identify growth opportunities and remove accordingly. Delegate wherever possible and identify forward strategies

“you have to give up to grow up”

Give up security for significance: make a difference. Give up immediate gratification. Share not hoard resources and knowledge to benefit others.

6. Model and Emulate: identify those who succeeded before you.

What are their strengths. How did they learn, what are they learning now. Who have they met.

What haven’t I asked that I should have. What do I need now. What can I do for and with others.

“It’s hard to improve when you have no one else to follow except yourself”

A positive mentor demonstrate qualities of character as well as knowledge and achievement. A good mentor has experience, provides friendship and support, is available not reluctant.

Teaching is easy, showing is difficult: “success and growth is stimulated by asking why”

Cultivating curiosity acknowledges, validates and embraces the advantages of learning, it change your thinking, adds knowledge, identifies opportunities, manages setbacks, empowers the individual and generates growth. Ask questions before presuming, explore, evaluate, repeat.

“growth always increases your capacity”

7. Believe: stop thinking "can I" a limiting belief; and focus on "how can I"; exploring the unknown. Before you could walk, you tried without consideration, without indifference, without limitation.

Believe in your potential and persevere: don’t give in, use failures to learn and grow

stop thinking one option, focus on multiple options: increase capacity by introducing more options stop what is expected, focus on providing more than expected

Assisting individuals in business & life is my speciality. I would be honoured to assist yours

Send me a message and we may arrange a time

If it matters to You : it matters to Me


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