The Simplicity of Business Structuring

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

"Growth doesn't just happen. Create a Plan"

Whether you are 1, 5 or 30 years into your business, whether you feel you already know everything or are aware that the most successful all keep learning and never assume; below are some simple self-discussions you could consider when it comes to moving forward in your business, with your people, for your people and your Self.

To operate a business for the sake of it, is to continue working for another person with no hope, desire at place.

Consider the following:


1. Why did you start a small business.

2. What gauge do you use to measure the quality of customer service

3. What example do you provide your business

4. What are your client and employee expections


1. How does your business structure meet Why your started the business

2. How do you manage issues

3. How do you measure success across your business

4. How do you communicate with your Team


1. How do you plan your day

2. How do you identify working "on the business" versus "in the business"

3. How do you identify what serves your reason for starting the business versus that which does not.

4. How do you benchmark accountability. How is this encouraged and incentivised.


1. How do you identify, measure, reflect and amend tasks across your Team

2. How and how often, do you communicate with your Team

3. How do you identify Growth opportunities. What are the rewards