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Cultural Immersion in Womens Leadership

New Zealand’s leadership example through the Honourable Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has been precedent across the World for some time now.

As a kiwi, I am truly honoured, proud and grateful for her presence, direction, femininity and leadership. She does not reflect solidarity as so many do who pave the way, working alone against the odds, rather she is focused on bringing all with her who’s eek a better experience.

To me this is the finest example of ‘Pinnacle Leadership’, the point where leadership is not a goal, simple a way of being, of seeing value in others, raising them, their fears and their dreams so they and others may benefit from a greater experience.

Given all we see across organisations, multi-national, small boutique franchises and even presidential/ prime-ministerial countries, Ms Ardern’s example is transferable, relevant, clear and accurate for all manner of economic structures. A business afterall is an economic structure. So how is it achieved ?

Across New Zealand, Māori women have always been engaged in leadership roles in the community and professional workplace. Their wellbeing, expressed by PM Jacinda Ardern is maintained by five whakataukī (principles) each describing aspects of leadership and wellbeing.

These include humility, collectiveness, courage, future orientations and positivity; central to their success is connection to whānau (family) and friends, influence by tamariki (children), tauira (students) and employees.

Such social connections make leaders (men and women) strong and resilient to change and challenges.

Attached is a pdf with further detail on the matter.āori-women’s-perspectives-of-leadership-and-wellbeing.pdf

I would be most interested to learn your thoughts

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