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Deliberate destruction in the Workplace

Did you know that according to Forbes Magazine 35% of the Australian workforce experienced bullying in the workplace.

This amounted to threats, intimidation, manipulation, coercion, intentional behaviours and isolation: all to serve the purveyor and bring down or keep down the employee.

This was found most common amongst middle management and relates to fears surrounding being good enough, being found out, a desire to belong and perceived status.

Employee’s expressed greater concern when secrecy, protection, dismissed reports and redirection occurred resulting in poor retention, stress leave, targeted performance-out reviews, poor HR support and a lack of interest from senior management including the CEO-MD.

On all accounts it spotlights the dysfunctional side to positional leadership as the cause - an individual who achieves a position only to use it to their advantage and expect others to serve rather than lead by example.

Most recently LinkedIn reported Australian senior management as some of the worst in the World due to negligence, political manoeuvring, manipulation and isolation.

How does this happen ?

Poor recruitment methods. Negative, protected & domineering cultures, secrecy, secular departments and enabled, unaccountable behaviours.

How do we amend such culture ?

We start with intentionality. We look at attitudes, influence, inclusion, positions, training, development, mentoring, accountability and measurement.

What is the outcome ?

Inclusion, motivation, direction, forward planning, benchmarks, modelling, succession plans, replacement strategies, leadership systems.

Who do we turn to for help ?

Flick the Switch Coaching specialises in identifying, structuring and implementing effective communication and change to organisations and small businesses.

Loss and training of staff including Management is one of the largest expenses a business incurs. Any step forward in physical, measurable development reduces these unwanted expenses and allows for “business as usual” with everyone actually onboard, motivated, effective and feeling valued.

Flick The Switch Coaching are business growth specialists - we start and finish with your business and your team in mind to generate results.

If you are looking for results, listen, learn, language then lead

Organise a confidential conversation here and open one door stepping forward.

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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