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Facing Difficulties in the Workplace

"Wherever you go, there you Are"

People all know and understand the phrase and yet those same people, focus on moving forward, ignoring what may be holding them and their business back and operate from a principle of replacement rather than accountability and improvement.

After all, it begins and ends with the Owner who creates, the Manager who maintains and the Staff member who implements as directed. Where they do not implement and decide for themselves: why - what is in it for them, what was not working for them inside or outside the workplace, how much do you Value your staff and how important is to the business to be a 'well-oiled machine' ? You don't just buy the can of oil, you confirm you have the right can in the beginning and add it to the right area required attention.

Where there lies issues in team cohesion, this often derives from employee's feeling inadequate, isolated, under-valued, unacknowledged, or 'stuck'. A business environment is the same as a relationship environment. It requires teamwork, inclusion, communication, fun, validation and acknowledgement.

When employee's see a small section of the big pictur, it is impossible for them to be onboard and they eventually revert to a rebellion attitude in their reliance of having a job. Contradiction I know, however imagine if all it took was communication and inclusion, would it be worthwhile acting on this for a dramatically different team cohesion and productivity base ?

Note, there is also rebellion in the assumption of those initiating the forward plan; the Chiefs (owners and/ or managers) themselves. An assumption of subservient employee's is an archaic mantra and not conducive to progression nor aligning Valuing yourself with Valuing your employee's.

So what are your difficulties ?

- Do you know, hear or share what your staff say, think, feel: are you sure ?

- Do you assume they’re ‘just employee’s’ and don’t know what is required ?

- How’s that working out for you ?

Assisting people in business & life is my speciality. I would be honoured to assist yours.

Send me a message and we may arrange a time:

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