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Forward Momentum from Reflection

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

"Who you are Now derives that we Were and that we Seek to Be"

Who we Are is a collation of three developments across time that manifest into our perception of our experience of the outside World and our perception of how that outside World sees us. This includes:

CORE: who we are without preconceptions, without external influence. The true internal self.

The essence of "what matters to me", "what is important to me", "what are my Values"

CRUD: our thoughts over time influenced by others and our social learning

- typically age 4 - 13yrs (modelling period) and 14 - 21yrs old (socialisation period)

CRUST: that mask we present to others, created by Crud's conditioning. This is our focus, in which our needs are expressed externally.

The only time people seek to move forward is when they become aware that what they are doing is not serving their needs, is not aligned with what is important to them and has become suffocating, changing who they are, how they speak, how they interact, how they feel.

Until we reconnect with our Core, we cannot recondition our Crud and our Crust remains.

Ask yourself: if I didn’t play the role I do with others in the workplace, at home, with friends, who would I be, what would I do, how would I feel.

Coaching assists in bringing you back in touch with that which matters to you, that which you Value in yourself and others.

This is where I may help.

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