Four Aspects to writing a Business Plan

"It is better to look uniformed, than to be uninformed"

Simply put, Business plans are a reflection of the Who, What, When, Where, How and most importantly Why you operate a business.

Business Plans are imperative regardless of the size of the business. The content may vary in size, yet not in depth.

Think of a business plan as a clear, concise, relevant description which may always be referred to, measured against, benchmarked, amended and reflected upon to ensure all elements of the operation are aligned with the Vision, Mission, Purpose and desired Realisation of the business.

When we align in Life as we align in Business, we invite Success, we attract Opportunity, we relate to Clients and Staff, and we ‘pave the way’ for future Expansion and or Succession Plans.

Clear. Concise. Relevant, otherwise classified as 'Who. What. When. Where. How & Why'

What is involved in a Business Plan ?

  1. Executive Summary: an overview to the operation; Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

  2. Company Description: explanation of What

  3. Market Analysis: explanation of How and Who; includes research on the industry, market and competitors

  4. Organisation & Management: explanation of Who; includes business and management structure

  5. Service or Product: explanation of What; includes detail on the products or services offered

  6. Marketing & Sales: explanation of How; includes market sales strategy plans

  7. Funding request: explanation of How & Why: explains Why finances are required & supports financial projection and planning

  8. Financial Projections: explanation of Who, What, Where, When, Why finances are utilised and includes balance sheets

  9. Appendix: provides an overview to operation resumés and permits

Four Aspects to Writing a Business Plan

Section One: Environment

1. Research“You must know yourself to Grow yourself” John C Maxwell

It is one thing to write down what you think is an acceptable business plan. It is another to know what is relevant to yourself. What is relevant to your industry. What transcribes ina clear, concise and relevant fashion.