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Franchisee's need Support too

Flick the Switch Coaching was derived from having been involved in the management of multiple franchisee retail offices, experiencing firsthand the difficulties, heartaches, anguishes and joys of franchise owners across various industry's.

Each of them investing in the value proposition of a parent company and finding themselves at the mercy of unaccountable timeframes hoping these would improve their position through technology, accessibility or marketing.

The majority of franchisees whilst superb as the chief salesperson, did not necessarily understand nor receive proper direction in operating their business on a daily basis; shame, guilt and fear kept their finances on a fluctuating scale which impacted the success of the business, recruitment, retention, training, succession, expansion and exit planning. Very few had a plan, very few were able to discuss the 'value' of their business nor appreciate how this was calculated (database not profitability) as the emotional attachment from longevity became too great.

In a market of low margins, high overheads and mass competition, franchisee’s sought assistance externally, undermining or defusing their own business by lowering prices, not adding professional fee’s and paying lower salary’s hoping for more with less. Needless to say, this has seen the closure of many franchise operations across Australia across multiple industry’s.

Flick the Switch Coaching provides services with measurable modelling examples and step by step processes from the straightforward business manager role to the in depth business mentor and specialist focus on leadership, teamwork, sales and behavioural profiling development and training.

The purpose remains adding value so the owner may know, feel, see, hear and speak value to themselves and their team. No team equals no operation with closure adding to Australia's high 'failure to launch' statistics as a result of no structure. Structure keeps a business afloat and focused.

Typically an assessment begins with a conversation about the business’ current circumstances, history is considered, models are explored, benchmarks are discussed. From there the owner decides how they would like to proceed. There is no cost at this stage.

Moving forward costs are minimal compared to parent company overheads and focus is specific to the business itself based on vision, values, goals, what is important and what matters to the team.

Training is targeted to leadership, sales, teamwork, managing setbacks, succession, expansion, exit planning dependent on the owners needs and direction.

The goal is always certainty, clarity, constructed beliefs, conviction and courage. Communication and Connection is key. Results being measured support all that is undertaken and act as quality reflection points.

I feel it an honour to support the franchise operatives given this is their lifeblood, their mortgage, their family, their legacy. It matters to them, therefore it matters to me.

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