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How are we measuring 'Influence in the Workplace'

Leadership is Influence, it is not a position.

As such we may influence in a positive or negative fashion.

How do we know: look at your team members and how they respond, react or develop.

- Do they reflect positive or negative habits. How much influence have you had on this.

- Are they operating out of fear and isolation or feeling valued and inclusion.

- How do you know: assumption or sincere feedback.

- How far out of your own comfort zone are you prepared to go to grow yourself and grow others.

- What impact has this had on your organisation.

Every action is a benchmark. Every opportunity is a potential model. Growth is a pattern not an expectation.

An effective leaders impact is drawn from authenticity and integrity. They know their purpose and prioritise their life according to that purpose.

Bad leaders are like bad parents “Do as I say, not as I do” They do not live the life before leading others. They do not live the life while leading others.

People do what people see. People do not leave organisations, they leave People.

If there is undiscipline, treat people poorly, poor values, habits, beliefs, waste time, manipulate budgets - then the team will follow suit.

Effective leaders create authentic relationships, they go to where people are, they do not wait for people to come to them.

Ineffective leaders expect people to come to them, they assume people will ask if they need something. This seldom occurs as too many perception variables are in play. Fear of not being good enough being the primary prevention.

How many great people leave a business because they did not feel part of the team or asked for support and did not receive it. This is active ineffective leadership.

Did you know they were great or find out later ?

Effective leaders communicate vision, seek opportunities and start initiatives to benefit the team and the organisation.

They learn who the team members are, ask questions, offer assist and find ways for team members to succeed.

They also replenish themselves daily: energy, soul, mind.

One of the greatest gifts you may offer another to to preserve and grow the greatest asset you have, you !

- Examine your own core beliefs. Life and people are demanding. If you do not replenish, you will burn out.

- Cultivate a single mindset: give more than you receive

- Ask “how may I serve” This mindset is abundance not scarcity. Being a consistent example is shared by more and more people. It becomes a cycle. A culture. Appealing.

To be a generous leader and live an example people want to be a part of include asking yourself:

- what have I been given: bringing you to this point: If nothing then recognise the pain & the difference you can make; or if a lot, then recognise the leverage you may provide.

- what have I got to give: talent, skills, knowledge

- what can you do: right now, add value

People go the extra mile for people who step forward for them.

If you’re planning on growing your skills as a leader you must:

- set aside time to grow

- determine areas of growth

- find resources in the determined areas of growth

- apply what you learn daily

There is a difference between Pride and Humility. Pride is a weakness & roadblock, Humility is not.

- Pride discounts team building. Humility encourages it.

- Pride discounts teaching, it closes the mind to learning and feedback. Humility values it & opens us up to feedback

- Pride prevents us from admitting mistakes and distorts reality. Humility allows us to face mistakes and reality

- Pride creates poor character choices and limits our potential. Humility makes us aware and expands our potential

Leadership is an attitude beyond influence.

You can equip people with how to better communicate, connect, plan & strategise, prioritise, develop teamwork, train & inspire people: however, if you have the wrong attitude - one of position over raising others, then a negative influence shall be reflected in poor retention, constant recruitment, poor succession and expansion planning and consistent headaches, issues, heartaches and paranoia.

A positive attitude results in positive influence, tenure longevity, inspiration & development, appeal & growth.

A strong cultural environment.

A positive influence generates success for all.

Influence is a choice.

Leadership is about adding value to Others

“To be successful is to be helpful, caring & constructive. To make everything & everyone a little bit better. The best thing you have to give, is yourself. If you want to be successful as a leader, you need to make others better, help them to remove self imposed limitations and help them to reach their potential”

- Norman Vincent Peale

The way forward is so much easier than we think.

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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