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How do you Identify Quality Staff ?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Measuring Recruitment, Retention and Development

Allow me to propose the following questions:

Do you wish to identify and better understand a person before offering them a position of employment whether this is internal development or external recruitment ?

One of the greatest difficulties a business faces can be finding out when it is too late ie: before or after a probation period, that the 'right candidate' was in fact the old adage, "not the right fit to the company". How often have you used, received or heard this politically correct statement.

Would you not prefer avoid this completely and feel empowered with the knowledge that when identifying, you are in fact in greater understanding than previously.

How important is to you to: 1. Understand an employee’s strengths and weaknesses, BEFORE the interview 2. Conduct a more direct and objective interview 3. Identify development and potential training needs and gaps in employee’s 4. Understand how a potential candidate will fit into the business before they are even hired 5. Identify areas where a person is more efficient and more productive 6. Compare the most relevant or important competencies to see if the candidate has behavioural strengths in fundamental area.

Extended DISC (not standard) identifies different aspects about an individual, including: * Preferred tasks and working environment * Preferred communication styles * Unconscious motivators and de-motivators * Behavioural strengths and weaknesses * Person’s energy expenditure in a role * Potential areas of stress * Preferred way to learn

You don’t need to have all the answers. You didn’t become an Owner or a Manager by default, it took time, education and experience. Contact me now to grow even more. You are worth it. Your business is worth it

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