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How to Develop & Replicate a Team

Updated: May 2, 2019

"A persons greatness lies not in what you did, not in what you taught; rather in who you are, your character and convictions, attitudes and values"

If you were to reflect on your current business development, your team, yourself, your expansion (assuming you want to grow), your forward success, your retirement, your sale (assuming you want a payout), your lifestyle and whatever else you deem important to you and your values:

1. What is your Plan 2. What works. What does not 3. How is communication received. How does it not. How is it delivered 4. When is there development. How often

Know that the only time a team member, business partner or any colleague of any description shall follow is because of what you have done for them and where you can take them. All people seek to know they did their best to become the best they were capable of being. It is essential to identify the right people for the right reason to achieve the right result at the right time.

Before seeking to develop others, whilst seeking to employ, expect, hold accountable, incentivise or provide opportunities: focus on developing the following as taught by profound Team Coach and Leader John R Wooden

- Explanation. Say what you need people to know and do - Demonstration. Show people what you need them to know and do - Initiation. Let people show you what you need them to know and do - Correction. Ask people to change what they are doing incorrectly - Repetition. Ask people to do it right over and over again

Knowing what matters to the Success of your business: how do you stack up ?

To generate more Growth, harmony, Productivity and Success message Flick the Switch Coaching - the Coaching Collective. We are here to listen, learn and lead.

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