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How to Identify & Understand Team Members

As an individual, we spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our own family, friends or partner, and yet we provide this arena the least focus, accepting, submitting, disagreeing and not behaving as we would to the aforementioned.

We are told "leave your personal life at the door" or conversely "leave your work at the door" and yet how can we.

"Wherever you go, there you are"

We are either presenting a false facade in one place or the other. Typically it is the workplace where we are not ourselves. The T.R.U.S.T.M.E. MODEL was developed from the Meta Dynamics methodology, a research-based coaching system founded by Sharon Pearson in 2013. This program outlines the 7 Thinking Levels and enables greater identification, commuication and understanding with team members and to be honest, friends, family, loved ones. The T.R.U.S.T.M.E. Model identifies: Why are people differentWhy do some people change, whereas others don’tHow people respond to the world around them in a given situation with the resources available to them at that particular time. Six Levels in the model talks about where a person is currently at, including their resourceful and unresourceful behaviours. Below is an overview, let me know how this applies to your business, your team, your Self... If you would like to integrate this into your business or provide a workshop; I am more than happy to assist here also.

Level 1-Survival: Don’t see themselves as a leader. Filling a chair with little awareness of the impact of their actions. Don’t like to disrupt the status quo..people pleasing in their approach. People at level 1 should not be in a leadership role. Level 2-Relatability: Leader will gather a team around them that are like them; if you are like them, they will like you. Often those new to leadership may fall into level 2. As they develop they will move up. Level 3-Uniqueness: Unresourceful - All about me.. moved to being narcissistic in approach. Seeking significance through standing out. A Resourceful Level 3 will have found their unique voice and be willing to stand up fur their ideas even if different from the boss. Level 4-Structure: Unresourceful- Focused on Structure, often stuck in the process without regard for outcome. Resourceful-using the structure to guide action. Moving from structure into implementation. Level 5-Tenacity: Unresourceful-focused on getting ahead at the expense of the broader team. Resourceful-respectful of team and willing to gain buy in and innovate. Outcome focused, less concerned with how if results are there. Looking to leverage/scale. Level 6-Meaning: Unresourceful-focused externally in greater good the org can do and not understanding if people who are not; only interested if they can gain PR through act. Resourceful- triple bottom line focus; paying it forward. #flicktheswitchcoaching #leadership #teamwork #growthMindset #businessSuccess #AustralianBusiness #successthroughleadership #BusinessWomen #FranchiseAustralia #BusinessCoach #Success #FollowMe #BusinessMentoring #NorthernBeaches #SydneyBusiness #MelbourneBusiness #BrisbaneBusiness

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