“How to Reconnect with Meaning, Purpose, Your Business”

(The four corners to effective business development and growth)

Flick the Switch Coaching provides business owners and managers the tools and skills to leverage the very best of their operation.

We do this by helping to create a greater understanding of every element or component of the business.

This part in the series focuses on revisiting or on many occasions visiting for the first time - the relevant questions every business operator and manager need ask themselves and their team in order to avoid or manage the barriers that unfold - seemingly increase more and more as time goes on.

A fluid business structure never occurs without daily conscious attention to reflection.

Simplicity is key

When we Identify, Apply, Measure, Amend, Reflect and Repeat (or reIdentify as the case may be), then observation supports planning and provides greater clarity.

As one might expect, this enables:

  • more effective decision making

  • more accurate employment and responsibility provision

  • more productive time management and people development

  • and finally more enjoyable growth and engagement

These foundations evolve from:

  1. The Environment (Why, Purpose, Culture)

  2. The Structure (What)

  3. The Implementation (How)

  4. The People (Who) - those who benefit

Each - are aligned to one another.

To be productive, fluid or cohesive - however you prefer to express it

They must never be:

  • separate

  • never in opposition

  • and must be always consistent, clear, relevant.