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Incremental Leadership

"Who you Are. Is who you Attract"

Often owner/ managers face enormous struggle inside their business with staff or colleagues. A person initially employed on the grounds of fantastic personality, resonance and apparent aptitude suddenly falls into 'performance management'. We ask ourselves, "what went wrong, when, how, who, where, why". Fear and blame, justification and defence arise and we look outside ourselves for answers.

Allow me to say, the answer lies within. It begins at the core and the level of influence one holds. Good leadership is not advancing yourself. It is advancing your team. Always.

When it comes to being a business owner, indeed being in a relationship, knowing the difference between Leadership and Management is paramount. Aside from appreciating meaning, acknowledging not assuming that Management maintains and Leadership creates is the essential difference to the relationship, the momentum, the growth and aligning the Values you so appreciate, seek and hope to leave as a Legacy for your efforts.

"Everything rises and falls on Leadership, if you want to make a positive impact on the world it begins with Leadership" - John C Maxwell

Incremental Leadership focuses on the principles of:

1. Position: title is not leadership, it is not influence, it is obligation.

2. Permission:

- developing relationships develops trust, developing trust develops investment, attitude, resolve, inclusion, momentum and growth.

3. Production:

- productive leaders are followed because of what they have done for the organisation and to help others. Demonstrating modelling, efficiency, productivity and outcome results in people following to capture the same results. It is change-development.

4. People Development:

- leading by empowering others.

A true leader uses their position, relationships and productivity to invest in their followers and develop them until those followers become leaders in their own right.

People development is the principle of reproduction.

Outcomes include: teamwork improves, performance increases (more leaders on the team), change lives of people they lead (reproduction), and lifelong relationships.

5. Pinnacle Leadership:

- this ultimate level and principle of leadership requires extensive, consistent effort, skill and intentionality and a high level of talent. These leaders develop people to become people development leaders.

If you seek to develop a harmonious, inclusive, growth oriented business or relationship; I am here. I will help. Does it matter enough. Are you ready ?

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