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Judgment is an Inside Job

"Wherever you Go there you Are"

Let me ask you:

What are you in the business of ?

What are you providing beneath a product of service. For what reason. What do they get from this. Why. What does that provide ultimately ?

For myself:

I am in the business of bringing connection and drive back to a business. I bring gratitude back to employers and employees. I bring growth which as one element of success, impacts not only the workplace but also homelife, relationships and self-value. Connection is key​.

I am in the business of developing people, adding value. "Life by design not default"

What this means is, I anticipate my outcome, the purpose and what 'Time, Finances, Happiness' I receive as a direct result of my work ethic, focus, provision, energy. This is my mantra, my why, purpose, vision, whatever you want to call it. Best not over-complicate it afterall.

When you identify what you are providing, irrelevant whether this is a new business, a new position, a new attitude; you will find the empowered state you are in is opposed by many around you. Friends, family, colleagues, superiors shall judge you for any adjustment to what they know, this is their ego or comfort zone reacting not responding to a strength in yourself.

The difference is when you operate from purpose and a calling versus submission and disclarity. Only you know who you are, who you serve, whether you live in gratitude or subservience.

When you obligation, purpose, why overrides your fear; only then when it matters, shall there be nothing in the way.

So how do you move forward ?

By Certainty - Clarity - Constructed (beliefs) - Conviction - Courage

The core reason why people oppose is because you remind them of what they do not do and could have done.

Perception is everything:

Check your Focus. Check your Fears. Check your Motives. Check and reflect on your Direction.

When you shift your beliefs into action, then you See, Hear, Feel, Tell yourself something very different and measurable to your current position.

To learn more, let me know where you would like to be, what you would like to be experiencing.

There is nothing too big or too small. If it matters to you. It matters to me.

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