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Leadership inside and out of the Workplace

A recent Conversation surrounded the phrase:

"I was raised to treat the Janitor the same as the CEO"

That the true measure of a great leader is how they treat their employee's (and colleagues) not their equals.

Having been as have most, in this predicament for many years, I completely agree.

To not be considered is to discard. To be discarded is to be irrelevant.

I as with you, am not irrelevant.

Therefore, the true measure of an individual is the same in the workplace as it is out.

We are no different to one another, what we choose to do with our perceptions is what defines us.

A great Employee is the same as a great Manager as a great Leader. Leadership is not a title nor position, it is an opportunity to consider others, provide an example, seek understanding, raise people and add value.

A great Person offers the same. To separate the two is to prioritise a person based on limited information and a limited consideration for Self. To act diligently, with interest, integrity, curiosity and sincerity is to seek to serve another simply because you can, not because it is expected. This separates all people; inside and out of the workplace.

"In times of Challenge. Be the Example. Everyone is our Teacher"

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