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“Let’s talk about Change for Success”

80% of Australian businesses stated they needed cultural change in order to succeed, grow and retain not lose quality staff. This compares to only 51% in 2013. click here

What does this tell us ?

That there is a growing disconnect between what chief management believe to be a cause for success and the actual cause experienced by the majority of employee’s, members and franchisee’s; ‘the triangle effect’.

President Woodrow Wilson said

“If you want to make enemies, change something”

So does that mean don’t change because you don’t want to annoy other people ?

Unfortunately that is entirely what happens and is the most common fear related response and reaction across Australian businesses.

Which begs to question, why ?

Why is it we experience this daily in our work environment

Leaders love change when it is their idea. The majority do not when it is someone else’s. Change does not represent progress, however without change there can be no progress.

The positive side is that when people need change, they look to leaders, chief management, owners and operators for guidance. Where this does not occur, instantly we identify a ‘fear of being found out’ and what does that give us ?

  • Loss and increasing operation expenses

  • Low retention stats

  • High recruitment costs

  • High training costs

  • Devalued people costs

  • Increased competition costs

  • Negative or disconnected culture

So what can we do about it ?

Gratefully more and more people of position are looking externally for Business Coaches, Business Mentors, Behavioural Profilers and specialists in the market who may assist not humiliate. People who act with curiosity, resolve and strategies.

There is no fix it solution unless the behaviours of those who implement change also.

There is no point in time where we cannot grow if it matters enough.

When we do, profits and people increase. Retention, Recruitment, Training, Culture - all improve.

The guidelines for change include:

1. Change what needs to be change, not what is easy to change

  • This measures whether real changes or cosmetic changes are made

  • Cosmetic pretend to make change yet do not produce results eg. brand name, minor facility improvements, meeting times - none create growth

  • Real changes required include: training & development, opportunities and risk for actual growth

  • Real changes typically avoided include: negative culture, values, leadership development can be difficult, yet create the greatest shifts forward (lasting change)

2. Let go of history, focus on the future

  • Bill Gates said: “In 3yrs every product will be obsolete. The question is whether we will make this change or someone else will”

  • What worked before is to be acknowledged and measured, not reproduced

  • If people are to bring a business forward, there must be transparency and clear messaging, clear communication. It is imperative to identify through multiple reasons how and why change will be good for employee’s, customers, the community. WIIFM (what’s in it for me)

  • Believe in those who are to make the change

  • It is imperative a business become energised not paralysed, uncertain, non-confident. Consistency is key

  • Utilise 7x C’s Communication, Consideration, Cooperation, Compassion, Connection, Commitment, Consistency

  • Act with 5x C’s Clarity, Certainty, Congruency, Conviction, Courage

Finally, how do we achieve this ?

We change our mindset. click here for article on Growth Mindset

Shift from being a producer (tunnel vision, what can I do) to a leader (team vision, who can help us, what can we do)

Where are you experiencing this in your organisation ?

If it matters to you, it matters to me

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