“Let’s talk about Fear”

What is Fear and Where did it come from ?

How is it that it is there one moment and gone the next - perhaps not instantly but at points in time

Actually fear is what we create, what we have learnt, what we repeat from other people’s fears, from the experiences we have where we learn to hide, avoid, deflect (so anyway…), distort (it wasn’t like that) or generalise (everyone has it)

There are only 2 natural fears:

  1. the fear of falling

  2. the fear of loud noises

Why ? Because these are intrinsic to our innate survival, both historically could have meant death.

OMG, so that means, the rest are learnt.....

  1. the fear of not being good enough

  2. the fear of being found out

  3. the fear of not being loved

  4. the fear of not belonging

So what does that mean ? Well it means we live in a world of habits and patterns

That’s a good thing ! Because it means that if we have learnt something that is not working for us eg. reactions, phobias, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, confusion, frustration, sadness, anger….list goes on really

Then we can learn how to shift reactions into responses through awareness or observation.

If it’s a pattern then surely what is created can be recreated right ?

Fear leads to a lack of Self-Value

Value comes to Submission and Compliance

Compliance comes from lack of Awareness

No Awareness leads to Pain

Pain to Repetition

and who’s tired of repetition ? Hands up !!!

Me too - I was there, the blackhole of giving, confusion, frustration, sadness, misery, despair - it is a definite vicious cycle and as you may have experienced, there are plenty of people in the workplace, home, friends and family who are quite prepared to keep accepting and not helping because they don’t know how or because you just keep giving….