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“Let’s talk about Growing Workplace Culture”

I have spoken about what a growth mindset looks like, why it is important and what people’s responses can be: both encouraging & discouraging, however…

What does this actually look like in a business environment ?

People talk about ‘culture’; a business’ ‘vision, mission, goals’ are assumed to reflect ‘values’ and lead as an example although may not; so what does growth look like when you introduce this mindset to a business environment ?

Two phrases resonate enormously:

  1. “Growth thrives in conducive surroundings”

  2. “If we don’t have a plan or purpose for our lives, we become a part of someone else’s”

The first step toward positively influencing your work environment is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment you’re currently in.

Growth arrives when you:

  • learn where others are ahead of yourself

  • know what you can change & what you cannot

  • are specific with why and what changes you make

  • surround yourself with the experience you would like to be, do, have (people, knowledge, opportunity)

Roman Proverb:

“Keep company with good men and you shall increase their number”

If we look at understanding our workplace in terms of Communication we would like to model, we need identify:

  1. what are their strengths

  2. what are they learning now

  3. what do I need now

  4. who have they met

  5. what have they read

  6. what have they done that helps them

  7. what haven’t I asked that I should have

Exploring this shall raise either a positive (responsive) or negative (reactive) feeling. The question is then: what will you do with this information…?

A positive checklist might include:

  1. Others are ahead of me

  2. I am continually challenged

  3. My focus is forward

  4. The atmosphere is affirming

  5. I am often out of my comfort zone

  6. I wake excited

  7. Failure is not my enemy

  8. Others are growing

  9. People desire change

  10. Growth is modelled and expected

A negative checklist will always focus on:

  • blame (my boss doesn’t let me grow)

  • deflection (I don’t have time)

  • distortion (they only help senior people)

  • generalisation (it’s ok for everyone else)

  • rejection (this company doesn’t help anyone)

“To maximise Growth, Design Strategies”

Where growth is truly important and matters to you, where it aligns with your values.

  1. Review & evaluate preceding year calendar appointments, activities & commitments

  2. Consider what should do more of, less of, identify growth opportunities, remove accordingly

  3. Identify what can delegate to others or manage yourselfIdentify forward strategies

Strategy system questions:

  • Can it be received personally

  • Can it be repeated easily

  • Can it be transferred strategically

“Systems allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably” - Michael Gerber

Systems Include:

  1. Effective systems focus on the big picture

  2. Effective systems prioritise time

  3. Effective systems measure everything

  4. Effective systems apply result

  5. Effective systems employ organisation

  6. Effective systems promote consistency

“If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it, if you can’t understand it you can’t control it, if you can’t control it you can’t improve it, if you can’t improve it you’re lost”

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement”

Leadership authorities speak of 'the Law of Pain'

This states that “Good Management of bad Experiences leads to greater Growth”

Behavioural Coaches speak of "What we do with an experience defines who we become. We determine whether a bad experience limits our ability to move forward or leads to growth"

A great book on this subject is John C Maxwell's 'Failing Forward'


So ask yourself:

“When it comes to my workplace…”

What matters to you ?

What is not working for you you would like to change ?


If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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