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"Let's talk about Managing Anxiety"

We don't like even saying the Word...

Weird isn't it...

We pretend like it's not there, or not us, or not the person we Love or Care for

Strange that we should be in such Fear of something so simple and self created

Strange that we should avoid Connection with ourselves and others in Favour of that which we would love to pretend does Not exist

Home - Work - Relationships : Anxiety is here to stay

So how do we manage this ?

Education. Observation. Knowledge

Anxiety is the warning from the unconscious mind to focus on what you want

When we let go of our limiting decisions and focus on what you want, we remove Anxiety

Anxiety is future based

We worry about things that might or might not happen in the future

Anxiety doesn’t prepare, planning does aka Knowledge and Observation.

Imagine things happen the way you want them to happen and then take action aligned to this.

So what if they don’t show up the way they want?

There is more chance to create an outcome desired than focus on what you don’t want. More chance to align to Self, Goals, Values, Beliefs, than to what you do not want

"You can never get enough of what you do not want"

During the 1980's there was a big push for building self-esteem, and workshops were available everywhere teaching us how to make people 'feel good about themselves.' This 180 degree turn seemed valid in theory, but what happened in many cases was positive feedback became the new mantra, and yet the effect didn't always achieve the desired results.

Why? Because recipients only benefited from the praise if they believed it was genuine.

This brings us to an important point. Self-talk and self-belief are the keys.

Anxiety derives from a lack of self belief and a lack of self esteem. Both are generated by others. Both may be supported by others, however ultimately are a reflection of our own mindset.

Typically we see this as over-compensation, people pretending to be greater than they actually are.

Opportunity then exists for people to reconnect through communication, consideration, cooperation, compassion and consistency.

No one can ruin our day without our permission, and always feeling good about ourselves is impossible. I hold this to be true - that self-esteem and self-worth are not synonymous. Self-esteem is having pride in oneself and generally feeling good about who we are.

There is a way and it is not treat everything blasé, rather treat everything with Purpose, alignment, Awareness

Let’s have a quick conversation, there’s nothing to lose, you’ll feel better for sharing

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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