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"Let's talk about Relationships"

Did you know the Most Common Issues Faced in a Relationship include:

  1. How do I Manage Assumption (and avoid arguments) ?

  2. How can we Improve our Communication ?

  3. Why am I not Valued ?

  4. How do I meet my partners Needs ?

  5. How can we Reconnect ?

  6. How can I Trust again ?

  7. How do I let go after a Separation ?

  8. Why do I repeat the same Behaviours Every time ?

  9. How can I Parent when they’re not my Child ?

  10. How do I Manage my partners Uncertainty and Lack of Commitment ?

  11. Why am I not Included ?

As with parenting, we were not given a codex or manual which outlined exactly what to do, how to respond, what to say when we are faced with difficulties - and yet we are expected to fulfil these requirements somehow.

Our friends, family and even some professionals will encourage us to ‘move past it’, ‘move on’ or ‘move out’ but what does that do ? Nothing

“Everywhere you go, there you are”

In truth we don’t want to move on, past, out. We struggle to forgive and forget.

We would love to ‘let go’ and may even tell ourselves how wonderful it would be to ‘have no opinion at all’ (many people practice and fail at this daily…FYI)

Irregardless of how long a couple have been together, whether with or without children, whether rich, poor or smack bang in the middle financially, the reason why we face repetitive experiences is gratefully completely in our control.

That’s a fact promise !

More often than not, a couple will blame newborns, family’s, work stresses, finances and loss of time. Great, then what ?

As a mentor of mine (Allan Parker) once said “So what, now what ?”

When we have a Vision, we require Strategy, we require Implementation, our Partner and Children (where appropriate) require consistent communication, commitment and cooperation.

  • When was the last time you focused on yourself

  • When was the last time your partner focused on themselves ?

  • When did you last share your list, your lifeboard, communicate your passions, privileges and purpose ?

  • How was it measured - How regularly - Against what

  • Where do these same benchmark progress and how do you respond not react to failure or setbacks

  • What would it mean to you to feel valued, important, included - and what about your partner : what would it mean to them ?

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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