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“Let’s talk Online Stalking”

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Are you a serial stalker, wasting hours a week or month, maybe a day, stalking others you know directly or indirectly ?

Is it work related, friends of friends related, or perhaps old, existing or new relationships and you’re curious about who they are now seeing or talking to ...?

  • What actually are you achieving

  • How is it making you feel

  • What is it holding you back from

  • How is it impacting your life

We live in a world of instant gratification and instant knowledge. Anything we want to know, we can.

Awesome 👏 however....there is also the ‘dark side of knowledge’ - that being, what festering impact is this having on us ?

Afterall, if we look hard enough, we will always find what we do not want.

Could it be stalking is holding your back from getting on with your own life, meeting or starting a new or existing relationship ?

Maybe you’re even seeing it impact your trust of others

You’re finding more and more times where you are feeling confused, frustrated, having more and more arguments and disconnecting from people who actually matter to you and for whom, you know, you actually matter or mattered, to them.

So the flip side of stalking could certainly be you discover something you intuitively felt and couldn’t pinpoint - now what....?

  • Do you run and accuse with new found knowledge

  • Do you run away and feel justified

  • Do you run toward and talk not stalk

If we look at what makes a trusting relationship, we always include the 7 C’s

  1. Consideration

  2. Communication

  3. Compassion

  4. Cooperation

  5. Connection

  6. Commitment

  7. Consistency

Where you discover trust is missing, either in yourself, a friend or your partner - perhaps review the 7 C’s and send me a message to learn what else you could do.

When we look inside and are comfortable, we don’t need to stalk anymore, certainly not for the reasons that are hurting us: impacting our perceptions, interpretations and judgments.

We can avoid, justify and defend why we stalk instead of talk, the difference lies in what it gives us, what we do with this information.

If there is an issue, there is a way to learn in a constructive way.

No secrecy, no confrontation, no uncertainty or unfounded fears.

Facts and Certainty.

Not stalking. Talking or perhaps just deciding, they’re not worth the loss of time and overthinking....perhaps

You matter. This matters

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