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Let’s talk about the Cost of InAction….

When we begin a business we focus entirely on capturing as many experts in their trade as possible in order to amplify the growth and profitability of our business. Greater returns mean a greater lifestyle, peace of mind, opportunity and achievements right ? .

When our business is already operating, perhaps 5, 10, 15, 20 years, we begin to assume we already know all we need to; we stop asking and seeking experts and start telling people ‘who, what, where, when, how and why’ decisions are made. We assume to be the experts ourselves.


So what happens when we find ourselves in an economic crisis like now, where all businesses suffer, the economy comes to almost complete stop, your business needs to make mass redundancies or pending position and the focus shifts to freezing leases, lowering wages, removing personal salaries and basically putting a hold on everything ?


For starters, never stop marketing your business….brand awareness is everything !!

As for the rest, I have created some video’s specific to how to manage the financials for Now, Next and Later


So what is more important to you : COST or PRICE ?


  • If something costs you $2,500 per month or $30,000 per Annum and provided a return of $100,000, that would be a worthwhile INVESTMENT

  • Conversely, if you didn’t spend $2,500 per month and didn’t profit by an additional $100,000, that would be a LOST OPPORTUNITY right ?

So which are you more comfortable with ? The Cost of Action or the Cost of InAction ? .

What if we could do a 1 month trial for FREE, what if I could SOLVE 1 problem, what if we could make you ‘x-$$’, not saying we will, but what if we could - would that be worthwhile ?

We get to confirm whether I’m a good fit for your TEAM, identify profit margins and show you a way forward where you spend less time in STRESS and more time in RELIEF


Which are you more comfortable with ? The Cost of Action or the Cost of InAction ?


Let me know which you Need Now:


  • a FREE Number Crunch to identify breakevens, period of time for profitability & forward opportunities

  • a FREE Business Continuity Plan to identify steps you can make right now to bring your business forward

  • a FREE Promotional Endorsement to let people know you are ‘Open for Business’

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