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"Let's talk about the Growth Mindset"

Growth doesn’t just happen: create a plan, or as my father used to tell me:

"Plan your work and work your Plan"

...that was about where encouragement ended and my own tenacity for needing more began.

The point is, if you focus on what you cannot do, if you compare yourself to others, if you wait or if you focus on goals alone, you may achieve the goals but not growth. Growth is a mindset that generates consistency not short term measures of achievement.

"If you focus on growth you will grow and achieve goals"

Whilst this sounds simple enough, unfortunately we have ego, pride and misperception based on what we have been taught and learnt in the way....

The most common growth traps as best described by the incredible John C Maxwell include:

  1. The Assumption gap (assume happens without focus) Solution ? Plan your own direction

  2. The Knowledge gap (don’t know how to grow) Solution ? Create a growth plan & opportunities arise

  3. The Timing gap (wrong time to grow) Solution ? There is never a right time so do it now.

  4. The Mistake gap (fear of making mistakes) Solution ? Mistakes are important to measure & improve, they act as a benchmark and means to measure Modelling

  5. The Perfection gap (find best way before starting) Solution ? Starting is all the is required.

  6. The Inspiration gap (not bothered) Solution ? Start with motivation and embrace inspiration.

  7. The Comparison gap (others are better) Solution ? Identify a quality Mentor: measure, apply, improve.

  8. The Expectation gap (easier than reality) Solution ? Growth is difficult, there is no question, it can be enormously confronting and require humility, however the rewards outweigh the effort. Ask not how long does it take rather how far can I go. invest in yourself

Far too many people dismiss the word 'growth', for some self-protective reason (a whole other article and conversation), they avoid entertaining that it like Leadership, is a verb, not a noun.

Accidental Growth v Intentional Growth

  • Accidental starts tomorrow, Intentional starts today

  • Accidental learns from mistakes, Intentional learns before mistakes

  • Accidental waits for growth, Intentional takes responsibility

  • Accidental depends on luck, Intentional relies on hard work

  • Accidental creates bad habits, Intentional creates

  • Accidental is safe, Intentional takes risks

The Law of Awareness states “One must know themself to grow themself”

When we create direction, interests, opportunities, when we focus on who we are, what example we wish to be, what we wish to have and for what purpose (obligation versus selfishness), that is when we discover the difference between intentionality and "just 'coz"

When we focus on passion, we create traction. Passion creates Energy and Excellence. Excellence creates Growth through Purpose.

Mindset leaders explore this as a focus on 'REAL' aka relationships. equipping. attitude. leadership

First comes Awareness, second Acceptance and Accountability.

I explore this through identifying a foundation for Purpose, measuring the foundation, tracking the actions and responses, how we receive and communicate with others and why.

When we discover “Who you are is who you attract”, then Purpose takes on a whole new focus, an intentional focus.

Growth attracts Growing People. Commitment attracts Committed People. Passion attracts Passion

Be purposeful. Be grateful. Be consistent. Be creative. Be reflective

See value in yourself to add value to yourself

“Limiting what you will do, limits what you can do”

When we add value to others, when we serve others, we serve ourself


How has this impacted you til now. How are you repeating it. How would you like it to be

What are you going to do to shift this habit, this pattern, this mindset ?

If it matters to you : It matters to me"

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