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“Let’s talk Foundations of Value”

When we lose direction, when frustrations abound, when we just want to leave it all behind and start again knowing that we will most likely meet the same challenges again and knowing we are still in pain and haven’t forgotten the discomfort and stress…

When we choose to Live not Submit

When we choose to Lead and Share, appreciating those around us: that is when we recognise we need a new strategy.

We need to shift our habits. We need to live our Life how we want it to Be.

It is imperative to have strong foundations, to know how to measure these, to know how to act congruent to Where you want to be, Who you want to be and Why:

Foundations begin by certainty and clarity around:

What is Important and Matters to You

Your Values, Beliefs, Goals

Not only for ourself, but also in the workplace, at home and in our relationships.

We Live and Align each of these in every action and response with:

  1. Certainty

  2. Clarity

  3. Congruency (to importance/ beliefs etc)

  4. Conviction

  5. Courage

Our Attitude toward OurSelf & Others reflects:

  1. Consideration

  2. Communication

  3. Compassion

  4. Connection

  5. Cooperation

  6. Consistency

  7. Commitment

Finally, we Measure by:

  • Identifying

  • Applying

  • Measuring

  • Amending

  • Reflecting

  • Repeating (what worked v repeating the process for a better outcome)

This is Living to our Fullest because we deserve to, we are Worthwhile, we Value ourself.

Do you Value yourself ?

What do you See, Hear, Feel and Tell yourself how others value you ?

Where we do not know and cannot measure, we simply flip between all those experiences that led you here.

You do not need more pain. What for when you could have more of You.

No knowledge equals the same challenges, adversity, discomforts, fears and uncertainties.

You will face opposition from others who seek to keep you in pain

You will also receive incredible encouragement, enquiry and recognition from those who love and care for you. That is who you want in life right ?

Discomfort prevents people from growing, from happiness, from Life.

Growth occurs through inclusion

Suffering occurs through dismissal

When we fail to listen and learn we lose what we seek to gain

So what matters to you ?

What is not working for you you would like to change ?

How would you seriously like this experience to be

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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