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Let’s talk Good Days & Bad Days

We all have them. They challenge us mentally, emotionally and physically.

They test our awareness levels and provide an opportunity for growth - if that is what we’re seeking for ourselves...

Good days are great - they reflect a Law of Attraction

A place where we are aligned to all that matters to you

And somehow (magnetic attraction), people & places, notice and prioritise us

What does this mean ?

It means a bad day can send us into reaction (fight - flight - freeze) not response (observation & choice)

Either way we have choice. The difference is how aware we are in that moment of the choices we have.

A bad day can mean:

  • arguing with the partner

  • arguing with the children

  • arguing with the boss

  • arguing with traffic

  • arguing with family & friends

Or whatever your description of ‘arguing’ is to you.

In all cases, it creates pain (confusion, frustration, loss of control, disruption) and that is a ‘bad day’

Do we want bad days - of course not - so why do they keep happening ?

It’s the ‘why me ?’ scenario

There is a very clear reason actually. It’s called Clarity

Actually it is Clarity, Certainty, Congruency, Conviction, Courage

But of what ?

Again quite simple and yet can be very confrontational, it is about knowing

what is important and matters to youyour beliefs, values, goals

It is also about the fact that you matter. Like really really !

  • You may not have given yourself the chance to consider what is important to you before now, and look what happened : everyone else was taken care of....

  • You may not have had the courage to do what you knew mattered to you, and look what happened : you were left behind

The bad day challenge is measuring how congruent/ aligned you are to these things, to your clarity, to your own self worth

When we recognise, act and are consistent in our approach to what is important to you, then challenges diminish enormously in the impact they have on us

What were they ?

  • people

  • places

  • positions

  • (im)possibilities

To learn how to Be, Do, Have : message me

If it matters to you, it matters to me

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