“Lets talk about Co-Operation”

When we speak of cooperating or collaborating, the majority of people, businesses, community organisations revel at the thought; so why is there such a gap between what we say we want and what we actually do ?

It is easy to cast aspersions, simple to blame, oppose, reject or avoid, yet reality remains consistent, the statistics demonstrate that cooperation occurs irregularly and where the desired outcomes, aka KPI's, do not reflect, then blame is quick.

Cooperation is sincerity. Sincerity has a desire from a measured benchmark to a measured result with constant communication and consideration aka 'inclusion'.


Why are there so many charities

Why do communities fail to work together

Why do businesses fail to support the staff they employed

Why do relationships fail to move forward

Is it that ‘threat mentality’ kicks in ? Perhaps

Is it that people are insignificant ? Not likely

Is it that working with another person means compromising and learning something new ? Probably

So what is so terrible about learning something new…?

Think of all the missed opportunities, the closed businesses because leveraging knowledge and experience was ignored, rejected or deflected

The reality is when we fall into the trap of the (assumed’) fear of not being good enough’ or ‘fear of being found out’, then we immediately fall behind, work harder not smarter, devalue opportunity and lose focus on purpose.

What is the purpose of a charity, business, community, relationship ? Surely it is to add value to people ?

Or is it to add attention to ones self ?