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Marketing your Business in 3 Steps...

When it comes to marketing, everyone has their own ideas, which is fantastic provided it doesn’t cost you a fortune in the process….

You shall hear everything from “be specific, know your avatar”, to “filter all demographics and identify your target market”, to “focus on using social media (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger) multiple times every day and advertise, advertise, advertise… Seems pretty inconsistent, more like a shotgun approach; do everything and hope for the best !!!


All of the above come with a price tag and that price tag as you may suspect does not come with a guarantee. So what do you do when money is tight, the market is light (like now), advice is uncertain and you desperately need to improve your brand awareness and attraction ?


What if we were to look at your business and marketshare as an #Opportunity rather than a #Threat, at your expertise as a #Strength rather than a #Competition ?


If you consider the industry your business operates in, there are tens of thousands of competitors, so why focus so much on what everyone else is doing, increase your stress and fears and potentially bring out behaviours that do not align with the values, vision and goals of your business ?


What if you simply acknowledged that there were tens of thousands and none of them were you, none had your expertise, personality, team, location, history.

None had your culture, hopes and dreams.

Let this observation be your ‘Outer Circle’ : the Mass Market - your ‘Seeding Patch’


Moving inward toward your ‘Ultimate Client-base’, we discover your local #Community, those people who are aware of your presence, they see you in passing, “somewhere at sometime”, “someone mentioned you”. This is the beginning of your marketing focus. These are the people who you relate to and who relate to others when it comes to referrals. Community is everything !!


From Community, we Sort into smaller groups, those specific to you through those things you may offer:

  • supporting them

  • providing for them

  • meeting their needs

Given today’s circumstances, these 3 are accessibility, quality, delivery - the ease of one makes the other simpler and more appealing.


From Smaller Groups you may then incentivise or motivate or reinforce your specific group of avid niche customers, your VIP’s.

These are your bread & butter whom you love dearly, maintain close relations, know intimately as to how they are as an individual and help grow through your product or service.


So why tell you this ?

  • Because I care enough to want to see community businesses thrive

  • Because I have much more to offer that costs nothing or little

  • Because financial return makes a significant difference when it comes to family connections, stress, welfare, income, outgoings, business continuity and avoiding the dreaded ‘hide, hibernate, hope’ aka the unknown.

The 3 Simple Steps are:

  • Seed

  • Sort

  • Sell


Please allow me to promote your business being #OPENforBUSINESS

It takes 15mins and would be an honour

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