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Moving beyond Difficulty and into Choice

Right now, there are billions of people wondering how they will manage. The examples are as broad as you might imagine.

What if there were a means that sounded simplistic, was acceptably difficult, revolves around creating a new habit and was therefore embraced, cherished and encouraged from one person to another.

Would that be a worthwhile read ?

What if the only thing you ever need do wherever you are; is watch how you respond or react to something when it happens.Become the observer.

When you see response as external ie: not who you are and would like to be, then you see choice.

When you see choice, then you empower.

When you empower, then you abate the level of influence a situation has on you, control the reaction and have the ability to acknowledge why and how you responded so you may return to who you are, and would like to be.

Focusing on Now can become a battle of wit. The Ego (mental protection not mental arrogance) has had all your living years to prepare itself and anticipate winning.

When you become the observer, you recognise that Ego and Self ie: You, were never one and the same. One simply controlled the other.

As an observer, you see options, you can align Values and levels of Importance and what Matters to You.

Which do you prefer: Ego or Self ?

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