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Overcoming Fear

"Circumstances don't Make a person, they Reveal them"

As individuals, we do the best with the resources we have available. We aim, achieve, fall short, hold expectations, appeal, appease, defend and justify. All in the name of 'doing the best we can with what we have' .

Our greatest fears always fall into one of three categories:

  • Fear of not being Loved (or Valued)

  • Fear of not Belonging (or Judged)

  • Fear of not being Enough (or being Found Out)

Ask yourself, if you knew what you could handle, what would you attempt ?

  • what would you do instead

  • where would you focus instead

  • what would you think about instead

  • what would you start to do

  • what would you stop doing

  • what would you explore

Coaching focuses on what we Do not Why something is wrong.

When we focus on courage, we are effectively waiting for fear to go away, we justify procrastination through fear and avoid strategising. We make excuses we may avoid perceived reality.

What if we could change that perception and thereby change that reality. Is that worth pursuing. Are you worth that different experience ?

  • Fear exists when we focus on challenges

  • Courage exists when we act and reflect on growth

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