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Recovering a Relationship

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

"Circumstances don't make a Person. They reveal Them"

For many relationships and families, there lies the heartache, confusion, frustration and conundrum when only one party feels like they’re trying. I hear you. I have experienced this.

We are now in 2019

When will it be time for something different to happen.

Many relationships simply fall apart, crash land or lose connection. There is a growing silence.

You are not alone and yours does not need to be this way.

You both entered with intention. Continue this same intention: I can help...

Before doing anything make certain your partner is clear and aware on how you feel, what is missing, what a relationship and where relevant, a family, needs (that does not involve money)

Seek to understand what they feel to be wonderful and giving in themselves, a relationship and family.

There are three categories to consider:

Self. Relationship. Family

Each clarify:

What are the Values. What is Important. What Matters most

What comes next:

Communication. Consideration. Compassion. Collaboration. Consistency

Contact for an appointment.

Happy New Year 🥳

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