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Reflecting on Where it all Began

On my mind....

I have now been in business for myself for just over 1 year - I was pretty stoked I have to admit as there many times when I thought "Seriously ??? What the hell is going on !!!"


When I think about actually stepping forward and backing myself despite all the nay-sayers, the 'what-if's' and 'are you sure's ?'; it all came down to 'am I good enough ?'


Not 'am I good enough' to run a business, support others and learn in order to grow and succeed, rather 'am I good enough' as an individual aka 'will I be accepted ?'


This is the most common reason/ excuse/ justification/ common-ground that holds far too many people back from doing something they truly love, are passionate about, don't necessarily know the way forward and yearn to step into in order to achieve to meet a purpose.


The purpose typically being time with family, time for themselves, time to breathe, time to enjoy, time to reflect. Control and flexibility over income, direction, people, locations, lifestyle, social accounts, family accounts (think ageing parents/ grandparents/ self). .

Many people react to stress with tree-change/ sea-change/ location-change, only to discover "wherever you go, there you are". The purpose didn't change only the location, therefore the stress never left.


When I consider myself, those who stepped before me and encouraged me or motivated me by example, more often than not without actually knowing they had; then I think of 3 questions:


1. How did I get started ?

  • What situation encouraged me to begin this business

  • How did my background influence this decision forward


2. What is my favourite customer story ?

  • Why did they choose me

  • What is a problem they had, I supported them with and resolved


3. What am I actually offering in my business ?

  • How do people benefit

  • What makes it different from all others


These are tiny, seemingly insignificant introspections, however the weight they carry lead us forward, stagnant or backwards. .

Whether we consider ourselves 'worthwhile' is our own test. ps. the answer is a resounding "HELL YES" (I am worth it and enough !) .

Supporting the growth and engagement of business owners, staff and forward vision is always a privilege. If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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