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Remembering your Why

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

"If you want to be Terrific. You have to be Specific"

Regardless how long you have been in business, regardless of your position, the number of people working for you or the assumption "everything is great", the importance of 'taking stock' on a regular basis is essential not only for effective work ethics, but more importantly peace of mind.

The feeling of being overwhelmed is real, leads to depression, despair, anxiety, relationship breakdowns, false prioritisation, loss of Self, loss of Staff, loss of focus.

Remember the Purpose. Focus on the Outcome beyond the Business.

Below are four varying avenues you may consider focusing on as a start. This is scratching the surface. "If you want to be terrific, you have to be specific". Know you are not alone.


When we lose our Purpose, we lose our drive, we become fixated on competition, blame, we lose success, opportunity and relationships. We focus on the external and forget the internal: ourself

Think back to when you first started this business:

1. Why did you start, what was the vision?

2. What is most important to you when it comes to delivering for your clients?

3. What personal standards do you live by in your business?

4. What do you expect of your clients? Your team?


When we do not have an identifiable, measurable, communicated and simple structure; we have expectation, frustration, complaints and loss: staff, productivity, profitability, relationships, progress, legacy.

1. How do you structure your business to ensure you are moving towards your vision?

2. What is your approach when a problem arises?

3. What does success look like in each area of your business (areas identified through the structure that is in place)?

4. Do you have KPI's and clear benchmarks for success and are your team aware of what success in their individual role looks like?


Business owners all too often supplement staff accountability for their own in day to day events.

Knowing Who, Where, When, What, How not only creates positive, considered, communicated and motivational accountability, it also enables Succession Plans, Expansion and a Legacy.

You remember the Legacy right ? The purpose of entering the business: to create a lifestyle and not be overwhelmed....

1. How do you plan and prioritise your day?

2. When do you work 'on your business' rather than just 'in it'?

3. What reports do you receive in order to keep your finger on the pulse of whats really going on; whats working and whats not?

4. How often do you meet the deadlines you set for yourself?

5. How often does your team meet their deadlines?


Read the news: small and large company’s are closing.

Sad as it is, people remain in businesses as employees for as long as they feel Valued, and then they shift. Staff retention is a very real issue. If it wasn’t the money, it was the need to be Recognised.

How long does your Team remain United. How long before the Honeymoon period ends. What inspirational Leadership is provided, from whom if not yourself

These are some simple questions essential for any business’ success.

1. Who is in your team and how effective are they are at achieving their objectives?

2. How do you communicate with your team?

3. What regular meetings are in place in order to keep them updated and inspired towards the vision.

4. How do you identify each team members areas of growth and what do you to support their individual growth?

Assisting individuals in business & life is my speciality. I would be honoured to assist yours.


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