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Retaining Quality Staff

"Who you Are, is who you Attract"

One of the most common issues facing businesses of any size is staff turnover.

Many owners or managers, have an attitude of "staff are lucky to have a job", others "I give them everything", "their salary is standard wage, I am not under-paying them".

The bottomline is that owners or managers are living with habits not conducive to what matters to them should the shoe be on the other foot. If their loved one were in the same circumstance, what would be your consideration be then. Would you respond differently ?

Consideration is key.

Accountability is imperative and to be Acknowledged

Achievement is beautiful and to be Cherished and Encouraged

A proven System is Appreciated and welcomed

Inclusion, Transparency, Communication and Compassion all align with Values

It is not difficult when Staff feel Valued, feel Accountable, recognise Opportunities for Growth and have a Plan for Who, How, Where, When. The Why is their own.

Do you value your Team

Do you value Yourself

Attracting the right Team and expanding your business is not determined by what you want, rather who you are.

People attract people of the same qualities.

People employ by: generation, attitude, background, values, energy and talent

If you want to attract better people, become better Yourself.

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