Sales Personnel: Developing Rapport

Have you wondered why you click with some people and not others ?

Relationships are developed by how our internal representation system or perception filters react or respond to the various circumstances we find ourselves in.

Understanding these filters, their significance, how to observe and how to respond to objections or misperceptions is an imperative element to developing rapport.


- what we See or read in others

- what we Hear from others

- what we Tell ourself

- what we Feel before, during or after a conversation, direction or objective

To become a phenomenal Salesperson, each of these senses and perception skills may be developed, honed and expressed for greater results, stronger rapport, trust, loyalty, referral and success.

Flick the Switch Coaching provides clear, concise and relevant strategies to achieve the results you desire in a fashion you may continue to leverage long after our time together.

Having a system enables focus, motivation and results.

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