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Stage.2 How do we handle the 2020 Crisis

People are paying more and more attention which is wonderful yet there remain a large number who pretend "nothing bad will happen, we'll be right, I'm sorted, I've got this, it's just another GFC for God's sake !"

Unfortunately, they are the ones in fear and not expressing it in a positive fashion. The 'them v us' herd when "we are all in this together" (actually) . Businesses are suffering more and more and are in devastation mode . The attached video attributes to receiving business support (emotional, mental and physical also if required). Whilst the lawn-mower guy continues to work and the café continues to open til oops they're closed too what point do we realise what 'non-essential services' means to you the individual and for how long ?


Please listen. Please comment. Please share There is no dramatisation, this is pure reality with a way forward attached.

. Let’s start talking:

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