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Teams Grow through Clarity

There are some very simple adjectives that enable us to measure without putting too much thought into the process

How many times have you heard “We have training coming” that never arrives, or is not relative to the teams needs ?

Developing a team is often assumed or avoided Developing oneself is often expected or ignored

All of these require inclusion not assumption All of these require attitude not expectation

The outcome is exactly what all businesses strive toward

Experience has reinforced that time, cost, investment, intention, listening, provision and exceeding expectations are all too often ignored in favour of the ‘next client’ or the payout.

The Goal of the individual, of the business matters The values and consistency remains the foundation, the reason behind any progress, any unification; where there is no consistency in actions and behaviours means Values were ignored, avoided or covered some other action

How are the Values of your business, of yourself measured ? How do they remain consistent ?

Amongst the seemingly endless inconsiderations of far too many organisations toward its people, the pretence, play and charades, there lie those organisations who consistently demonstrate an interest in growing their people in actual gentle, succession plans.

It is 2020 people - not a time for remaining in the past - absolutely a time for striving forward in education and awareness. Unity not division. Inclusion not exclusion.

Small, non confrontational investments in team education provision not necessarily through expensive courses rather token gold literature, can make the greatest difference.

Naturally it is always up to the individual however as per their interview, opportunity reveals attitude.

A great sentiment and simple investment, audio or scripted books provide clarity and curiosity over what a team members takeaways are and how they can better utilise the material and consideration.

Blanchard, Gerber & Maxwells books as one example for management and leadership practices, are perfectly positioned to shine a light on ‘who to how & why’

Management as Blanchard and Gerber identify are implementers or reactors not responders to leadership position.

Leadership itself as Maxwell highlights utilises does not rely on position and reveals the attitudes, fears and intentions of the lead position in question.

As one evident advocate and episcopal (overseer) of learning, recognising and shining a light on organisations who encourage all team members irregardless of position to grow defines the company mantra.

How does yours ? How do you ?

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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