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The Simplicity of Designing a Business

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

"Your history is not your Destiny"

Dreaming encourages us to stop, recognise and place value on the knowledge we accumulate over many years of experience and associates past gratitude with future effectiveness. If we were effective then; surely we know best now ?

The reality for many is the opposite. It is the underlying cause of small business failure, of teamwork fractures, of personal stress, relationship breakdowns and wonderful opportunities manifesting into sliding door moments. Starting with presumption was the imminent downfall.

Imagine if we started with identification first and became analytical. Imagine if we applied a wealth of experience with profiling, leveraging, research, calibration, inclusion & leadership. Imagine if we aligned this to our purpose, what mattered to you, your feelings, your dreams, your imagination.

Niche Design or Effective Product Development begins with:

1. 'Establish the Environment' (why)

2. 'Measure the Structures' (what)

3. 'Prepare and Apply Task Performance' (how)

4. 'Identify Accountability' (who)

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