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The Fear of Scarcity, Direction and Security

For many, stepping into the unknown is one of the greatest acts of courage they might take in their entire lives.

It is understandable and often anticipated that risk presents these notions, these fears; that is afterall what risk is. As the saying goes “circumstances don’t make a person, they reveal them”

What we do in this position defines who we aimed to be, what we aimed to achieve, and why we took the leap of faith in the first place. Courage is more often than not, stepping into Fear. The opportunity for growth, for reward, for pleasure, is far greater than that of pain, or uncertainty, or insecurity.

For some, simply continuing their role in the workplace can present the same experience. There lies the uncertainty that tomorrows experience shall be better than previous, or the reliance that because they are employed, their incomes and thereby lifestyle are not only secure but constant. As we know not only is this an apparition given anything may happen at any time, it is also a limitation of mind and spirit. What I mean by that is that feeling insecure in the workplace is typically due to feeling limited for growth, inclusion, recognition, validation, opportunity and finances.

A feeling of scarcity directly relates to fears of direction and security. They are the ‘what if’ question.

The resolve for this arrives in Empowerment, or taking action. Action comes from taking risk. Risk comes from Courage and Courage comes from Believing in Self, knowing your Worth, your Values, and that which is Important to You.

Understanding your personality and behavioural traits has an enormous impact on courage. I highly recommend learning more about this, it does not come easily. It may never be assumed. Once identified, the clarity is fantastic. I would happily assist.

Scarcity, Direction and Security affect us all. What we do in these moments defines us for the Future we Seek, over the one we simply Accept.

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