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"The Non-Productive Profiler"

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

“Our door is always open” is reflected in the way behavioural profiling is managed.

3 Negative ways businesses and organisations use behavioural profiling include:

- Spotlighting the 'problem' employee

- Intentional targeting in performance reviews

- Closed culture workplaces with domineering attitudes and closed mindsets

When to use and for what purpose really isn’t that difficult. Unfortunately there are too many people focused on supporting their own positions to retain or gain status, feel significant, highlight another persons inefficiencies or to ‘performance review them out’.

None of the above are positive. None reflect a positive, embracing “our door is always open culture”

Before doing anything, one need ask:

1. Who and why is the candidate going through the profiling process

2. How will the report be rated

3. Who will see the report

4. Who will debrief the results

5. What are the post-report expectations

Behavioural reports can be enormously effective in the right hands and horrendous in the wrong. As with all things attitude and influence are key.

If your business seeks to develop people, then awareness not expectation provides. Inclusion not exclusion.

@flicktheswitchcoaching are business growth specialists - we start and finish with your business and your team in mind to generate results.

Behavioural Profiling works best when the focus is on:

- Leadership Skills

- Communication Skills

- Team Skills

- Organisational Skills

- Interpersonal Skills

- Aligned Business Vision, Mission, Goals and Values

If you are looking for results, listen, learn, language then lead

Organise your conversation here and open one door stepping forward.

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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