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The Purpose of Vision

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

“With a big enough ‘Why’, any ‘How’ is possible” - Nietzche

A business’ Vision Statement not only aligns that which the creators, the maintainers and the operators of the business hold, it also clearly outlines for all those inside and outside the business, the ability to identify the big picture or ‘why’ the business is in operation, what their goals are and measure the business’ performance, culture and opportunities against as a ‘how’.

To those within the business, it retains focus, meaning, belonging, a feeling of being valued and knowing opportunities exist for growth. To those outside the business, it generates appeal and acts as a means of attracting either new business clientele or new employee's.

A business’ purpose is ever growing, evolving, shifting. A vision statement is something and/ or someone to aim for, a target; without a target, there is no ‘why’ and any 'how' is irrelevant.

In business this is reflected in productivity and turnover.

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