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The Significance of Choice & Intentional Living

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

"How we choose to respond defines how we choose to live. If we are seeking a remarkable, productive and compassionate life; how are we being this example in the face of adversity and opportunity"

Intentional Living is not a simple paraphrase, it is an action, a choice, an opportunity.

What if the way you spoke to people, the opportunities you provided, the strength and development, the sincerity and thoughtfulness you held, at home was the same in the workplace.

How would this change your experience ?

How would this change their experience ?

How would this benefit productivity, compassion, communication, cohesion, forward momentum, growth, accountability, profitability....

This is called Environment; the culture, anticipation, intention and purpose of wherever you are. It applies to the workplace as much as it applies to home. For what purpose would you reduce respect, courtesy and integrity in the workplace if you would not allow it in the home ?

I have worked in environments where none of these traits existed and yet there was profitability. How long do you think that lasted. To what detriment ?

Consider staff turnover, staff politics, staff work ethics, the unknown opportunities and unfulfilled profits that 'could have been'.

Now apply Intentional Living to this environment. Which would you prefer. Remove all "yes but", replace this with "what if". Where did "yes but" get you in your career. How far did you advance with this attitude. How far did you advance with "what if".

Intentional Living may be taught. It is not a given. We have endured anticipating other peoples needs and misperceptions to find ourselves where we are today. You have a choice. This is your life and your life impacts other peoples; what will you do with it ?

Flick the Switch Coaching would be honoured to support, provide and encourage where you desire something more than the environment you are currently experiencing.

The unnecessary expectation falls on Managers, Leaders and Staff. There is a better way. I am here to support that way when it matters enough to you. It is your Life...

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